ovlay cdf plot on histogram

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John on 5 Oct 2012
Hi there,
I'm trying to overlay a cdf plot over a histogram like in this picture
I'm using this code but the cdf plot is not showing up over the histogram.
hold on
I would appreciate any help.

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Tom Lane
Tom Lane on 5 Oct 2012
Edited: Tom Lane on 6 Oct 2012
It's there but it's on the histogram scale and it is obscured by the bars. Try this instead to put the cdf on a separate y axis:
x = randn(30,1);
[y2,x2] = ecdf(x);
[y1,x1] = hist(x);
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Giuseppe Degan Di Dieco
Giuseppe Degan Di Dieco on 17 Apr 2021
Dear Tom,
thank you for your explanation.
It helped me to produce the graph attached.

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