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Memory usage and command window runnng a Python script from within Matlab

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I am using Matlab 20 prerelease on a laptop with a hexacore processor and 48 Gb Ram. When I run a Python script from within Matlab using "command", I have several problems:
  • Matlab shows it is busy, but nothing changes in the command window after the 63th iteration from Gurobi (which is called from the Python script):
  • 62 2.05838210e+10 2.05825527e+10 1.77e-07 1.76e-07 7.09e-02 1166s
  • 63 2.05836270e+10 2.05827755e+10 1.89e-07 1.17e-07 4.76e-02 1180s <-Matlab shows up to here the output.
  • If I look in the Task-manager "performance", I see that Python is still using 76% of the CPU (I also noticed that sometimes Python uses 18 Gb of RAM and Matlab uses another 18Gb, so it looks like the necessary Ram is doubled). However, after some hours, still no change, so it looks there is something wrong.
If I run the python script in a dos command window, the output continues after the 63th iteration normally.
Any idea how to change this behavior (the whole Matlab code with Python script runs a few hours).

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