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how to write superscripts for x-axis in a boxplot

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I have
h=boxplot(x, g, 'notch','off','label', {'89_{p}','10007_{p}','3067_{M}'});
how to write p as a superscripts for x-axis

Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 6 Jan 2020

More Answers (1)

Max Murphy
Max Murphy on 6 Jan 2020
% h=boxplot(x, g, 'notch','off','label', {'89_{p}','10007_{p}','3067_{M}'});
% You were using subscript operator (_)
h=boxplot(x, g, 'notch','off','label', {'89^{p}','10007^{p}','3067^{M}'});

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