Unable to read strings (I get NaN) in the excel file imported into Matlab

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I am importing an Excel file that has both strings and numeric values. Eventhough I can see the springs value during the importation (using the import data tool), I m unable to see those strings after I run my code an extract the rows I want. I see NaN instead of the string values. Please, what should I do? Thank you!!

Answers (2)

Lucademicus on 2 Jan 2020
I have made an Excel file with a column containing numbers and strings.
The result of importing depends on what data you tell MATLAB to expect, and how to treat other data types.
In this preview, I have highlighted how MATLAB's tells me a value will be treated as NaN:
If you want to have mixed numbers and strings, you should choice Cell Array as Output Type (whereas it is Table, in my example).

Amit on 2 Jan 2020
Import the exel data with option cell array output type, not as Numeric matrix.

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