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i put the following code i got the error of "Unrecognized method, property, or field 'velocity' for class 'timeseries''.

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can somebody help me
for j=1:length(concept)
for kk = 1:length(driving_cycles_loading.mat)
filename = driving_cycles_loading.mat{kk};
current_cycle = load(['cycledata','/',filename]);
datafilename = char(fieldnames(current_cycle));
driving_data = current_cycle.(datafilename);
%v =driving_data.velocity/simulation_sampling;
v_interp = interp1(driving_data.time, driving_data.velocity,simulation_sampling:simulation_sampling:driving_data.time(end));

Answers (1)

Max Murphy
Max Murphy on 2 Jan 2020
Looks like driving_data is a timeseries class.
My guess is your velocity information is stored in the .Data property.
v = driving_data.Data/simulation_sampling;
Although, this will only work if you have been storing your velocity information in the Data property of driving_data in whatever file saves that variable to begin with.


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