Figure uitable does not display html image in 2019b

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I have been using html tags to display images in a uitable as suggested in this answer
This worked fine when I was using 2018a, but now I have moved to 2019b it seems to have stopped working. I can still use html to change test font, background colour etc. but I just cannot get an image to display.
This is the code I use, tick is a 16x16 pixel png image.
fig = figure;
t = uitable('Parent', fig,...
'Data', {'1';'2';'3'},...
'ColumnWidth', {100});
tick = get_full_filename('+images\Completed_16.png');
t.Data(:,2) = {['<html><img src="file:/', tick, '"></html>']};
When I run this code in 2018a I get this output where I can see the png images in the second column of my table:
But when I run the code in 2019b I get this output where there are no images:
Any ides why I cannot get it to work anymore? Has the functionality changed?

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Accepted Answer

Arno van der Heijden
Arno van der Heijden on 24 Jan 2020
I struggled with this as well and eventually realised that it still works as long as you explicitly define the image size!:
t.Data(:,2) = {['<html><img src="file:/', tick, '" height="16" width="16"></html>']};

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Yair Altman
Yair Altman on 24 Dec 2019
Edited: Yair Altman on 24 Dec 2019
It's not just in tables. For some reason <img> tags are now ignored in all uicontrols (inc. buttons, listboxes etc.). There is no problem with your code, except for the fact that you forgot the step of:
tick = strrep(tick, '\', '/');
But even after adding this missing step, the images still don't render, although other HTML code does render. For example: uicontrol('String', '<html>12<img...>34') will display "1234" without the image in the middle. Other HTML tags (for example, <b>, <i>, <font>, <div> etc.) still work ok, but not <img>.
I have not yet discovered a workaround, nor do I fully understand the root cause.
Until then, you could use unicode character U+2705 (&#9989 - , which is part of the Dingbats character block) as follows:
t.Data(:,2) = {'<html><font color="green"><b>&#9989'};
(note the use of bold green color, otherwise the "character" displays using the default light black)
Other alternatives, obviously much more cumbersome, are to display the image using either CSS or by using the underlying Java component and using its column CellRenderer to display the image.
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Evan on 2 Jan 2020
Thanks Yair, using the dingbats characters are a good workaround for me.

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