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How does MATLAB calculate average precision with the evaluateDetectionResults function?

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Alexandros Kellaris
Alexandros Kellaris on 17 Dec 2019
Does the evaluateDetectionResults function estimate average precision as the area under the precision-recall curve (AUC)? Furthermore, are the precision values interpolated before the estimation process?
Thank you in advance!


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Rajani Mishra
Rajani Mishra on 7 Jan 2020
For learning about how to use evaluateDetectionResults() please refer to its documentation page provided at the end. You can refer to references in its documentation page for learning about how it calculates average precision. The internal implementation of the function can’t be shared.

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Alexandros Kellaris
Alexandros Kellaris on 7 Jan 2020
Dear Mr. Rajani,
Thank you for the response. Unfortunately, the documentation, to the best of my knowledge, does not provide the details I am looking for. It is not necessary to obtain the internal function code, but at least the calculation method the function uses. Without this information, our work cannot be published since it is impossible to clarify the methodology in detail.
I would therefore be grateful to anyone who can give a bit more detail about this function, with respect to the aspects raised in the original question.
Kind regards,

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