supervised learning to transform multi-dimensional data to 2D?

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Hi there, I'm hoping to learn a 'mapping function' to transform a 14 dimentional data to 2 dimentional data
I want to know which matlab function to start with. is it something to do with multi dimention regression?
the input data is a set of 100,000*14 data and it's targeted 100,000*2 (x,y) data. the error function is simply the distance from the targeted points (x,y)

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Sourav Bairagya
Sourav Bairagya on 17 Dec 2019
You can build your custom neural network to learn this mapping function from 14 dimensional data to 2 dimensional data.
In this case, you can specify your input layer as:
imageInputLayer([1 1 14], 'Name', 'input')
To know more how to train custom neural nets, you can leverage this links:


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