Import of CAD models from CREO to MATLAB using Multibody link

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During the import of CAD models from CREO ,can any explain why the part in the main assembly are converted into a .STEP file and in case when a sub-assembly is found in the model,the parts are converted into .ste file which is unreadable by MATLAB,can any help me regading the same?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 23 Nov 2022
I believe .ste is an alternate extension for a STEP file. It isn't clear to me why Creo would use a different extension in different parts of the assembly. See if you can find a preference in Creo related to geometry export. You could try renaming the files to have extension .step (MATLAB scripts can automate this). You may need to update the .XML file that was produced by the export from CREO (search-and-replace).


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