Index must be a positive integer less than or equal to the number of test sets.

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i'm trying to create 10-fold cross validation for my CNN. To create the 10 batches I'm using a for loop, but it's giving this error again and again.
'Index must be a positive integer less than or equal to the number of test sets.'
Possibly how I can change the loop to initialize batches.?
for k=1:10
%%Prep Data
% 10 kfold crossvalidation indicies
c = cvpartition(204,'kfold',10);
testInd = test(c,selectBatch(k));
trainInd = ~testInd;
epochsTarget = zeros(204,1);
epochsTarget= categorical(epochsTarget);
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 11 Dec 2019
The error message says your line of code throwing the error is
testIndices = test(cv.Impl,varargin{:});
testInd = test(c,selectBatch(k));
When you set a breakpoint on line 229 of your program, what are the values of cv.Impl and varargin{:}? Why are you sending in varargin anyway???

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Answers (1)

Adam on 11 Dec 2019
Edited: Adam on 11 Dec 2019
is a cell array, which clearly is not an integer.
may be what you want instead.
That said, your cell array also appears to be empty anyway.

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