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How can remove Excel column by MATLAB

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Hi ,
please i have Excel file contains multi coulums how can remove entire specfic coulums ;
for example i have colums (A,B , C) how can remove coulum C ?


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Accepted Answer

Bob Nbob
Bob Nbob on 5 Dec 2019
The simplest way is to load the excel file with xlsread, then write the data back with only the desired columns using xlswrite.
data = xlsread('Myexcelfile.xlsx');
xlswrite('Myexcelfile_reduced.xlsx',data(:,1:2)); % Only columns A and B

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prasanth vemula
prasanth vemula on 18 Jun 2020
Yah, but if the data to be sent back is smaller than the previous data. It`ll only rewrite a part of it and the remaining will be the previous data.
Is there any other work around?

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