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Hi everyone, I've just extracted my EMG data in excel files. Currently I want to filter the EMG noise. Can someone show the matlab coding to filter it. I need to submit my task next week.I'm still new in MATLAB. please help mee
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Adam on 5 Dec 2019
It would help if you posted an example. I don't know off-hand what EMG signals look like and whether they have their own peculiar type of noise compared to other signals.
doc sgolayfilt
is what I often use for smoothing signals in a non-aggressive way to remove some noise, but whether it is useful here or not I can't really say, and it would require you to have the Signal Processing Toolbox.

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Roshni Garnayak
Roshni Garnayak on 9 Dec 2019
A simple filtering noise removal technique for EMG signals is to attenuate some high-frequency and low-frequency noises using digital Butterworth filters of order 4. Refer to the link below to use Butterworth filters in MATLAB:

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