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Move all figures to a specific monitor?

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Xingwang Yong
Xingwang Yong on 29 Nov 2019
Commented: Rik on 4 Dec 2019
I have two monitors, I prefer to write code on primary monitor and view figures on secondary monitor. I have managed to make the newly generated figure display on secodary screen by setting properties of the root object in startup.m.
set(0, 'DefaultFigurePosition', [-1120, 538, 560, 420]); %make the new figure display on a second screen, hard-encode the positions
However, when I double-click a figure that was previously saved in .fig format in the file explorer, the figure would display on primary monoitor.
Is there any way can avoid this? Or, can I move all the figures on primary monitor to secondary monitor with their relative positions unchanged?

Answers (2)

Xingwang Yong
Xingwang Yong on 2 Dec 2019
Dose anyone know how to accomplish this?

Dhananjay Kumar
Dhananjay Kumar on 4 Dec 2019
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Rik on 4 Dec 2019
This could help, although normally the position is one of the properties that are stored in the fig file, so this cannot be applied directly.

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