How to remove specific colour from "surf" plot?

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I am trying to generate a density plot overlayed on a background image.
For me it is interesting the points where the density is higher, so I want to remove the blue color, or make it transparent somehow.
This is how i generated this figure. I used "dscatter" function from Mathworks to generate density plot.
img = imread('estimulo_neutro.jpg');
image('CData',img,'XData',[0 1080],'YData',[1900 0])
x = vector0(:,1);
y = vector0(:,2);
hold on
t = dscatter(x, y, 'plottype', 'surf');

Accepted Answer

Daniel M
Daniel M on 28 Nov 2019
I don't have this dscatter function, but here is an example of how to do this with imagesc (which is similar enough that you could translate it to your situation). It involves setting the AlphaData property of your image. In the following example, I do so based on if the value is NaN. But you could do it for any value (and thus any colour).
close all
% get some data and plot it
z = peaks;
x = 1:size(z,1);
y = 1:size(z,2);
% now make some values in z NaN and plot them blank
nanz = z;
nanz(z < 1 & z > -1) = NaN;
I = imagesc(x,y,nanz);
% Use the AlphaData property to set the NaN values to blank
I.AlphaData = ones(size(nanz));
I.AlphaData(isnan(nanz)) = 0;

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