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Can anyone help me with the "Axis rotation sequence for the Euler angles"

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Chaitanya Mulla
Chaitanya Mulla on 28 Nov 2019
Answered: Jan on 29 Nov 2019
I need the information for the eul2rotm of "XYX"
I couldnt find this even on matlab documentation
Jan on 29 Nov 2019
It is still not clear. Do you want to obtain the rotation matrix for and input of 3 angles and the order XYX?
eul2rotm uses ZYX, ZYZ and XYZ only. So if you really want to get XYX with eul2rotm the answer is: This does not work.

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Answers (1)

Jan on 29 Nov 2019
The rotation matrix for the Euler angles in the order XYX is:
s1 = sin(alpha);
c1 = cos(alpha);
s2 = sin(beta);
c2 = cos(beta);
s3 = sin(gamma);
c3 = cos(gamma);
[c2, s2.*s1, -s2.*c1; ...
s3.*s2, c3.*c1-s3.*c2.*s1, c3.*s1+s3.*c2.*c1; ...
c3.*s2, -s3.*c1-c3.*c2.*s1, -s3.*s1+c3.*c2.*c1];

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