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Adding a row to an unknown matrix - the row consists of the mean value of the columns of the unknown matrix.

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Add a row to the bottom of A that consists of the mean of each column of A and assign the resulting matrix to B.
I am trying to add a row into an unknown matrix - the row has to consist of the mean of the columns of the unknown matrix.
Does anyone have ideas?
Thank you,


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James Tursa
James Tursa on 25 Nov 2019
doc mean
The last row of the matrix A is A(end,:). Then ask yourself: What would be the indexing of one row beyond "end"?

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Gabriel Berkhoudt
Gabriel Berkhoudt on 27 Nov 2019
thanks for your response. It helped point me in the right direction.
I worked out, "A(end+1,:)=mean(A)" which, is perfect its what I need..EXCEPT I need the resulting matrix from the (A) and, A(end+1(mean(A)), to be under the variable B.
I'm not sure how I can do that aside from saying B=ans.
I have tried many different variations, and looked everywhere and I'm getting nothing.
Do you have any suggestions?

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