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How to extract Month string from day_Month_Year time variable and create a new quarterly time index?

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Hi, i have a time index in this following format: day_month_year, for example, Oct_01_2019, how will i extract the months and create a new variable of months or quarter?.
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Shubham Gupta
Shubham Gupta on 7 Nov 2019
If I understand the question correctly, this should work :
Month_variable = datestr(datenum('Oct_01_2019'),'mm');
I hope it helps !


mirewuti muhetaer
mirewuti muhetaer on 8 Nov 2019
Dear Gupta:
Thanks so much. Your help solved my whole day probelm. I can not appreciate more.
One more followup, if i want to extract both month and year, will i just add 'yyyy' right after 'mm'?.

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