Microphone giving only zero-samples for 2019b on macOS 10.14 Mojave

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What I did:
recObj = audiorecorder;
recordblocking(recObj, 5);
y = getaudiodata(recObj);
While talking out loud.
Expected for y to contain audio data.
Observed that y contains only 0-samples:
ans =
Apple have introduced microphone (and webcam) privacy in macOS 10.14. It seems that applications have to "opt-in" in order for the user to get a pop-up asking for permission to use these devices. Is it possible that Mathworks forgot to do this?
Opening '/Applications/MATLAB_R2019b.app/Contents/Info.plist', I see no references to '«Information Property List -> Privacy - Microphone Usage Description»'. Given that, I see no possibility that microphone can be usable on macOS 10.14 for MATLAB 2019b?
trinh do
trinh do on 12 Jan 2021
cd Applications/MATLAB_2019b.app/bin
After running ./matlab by terminal, you must run some code using microphone like:
recObj = audiorecorder;
recordblocking(recObj, 5);
y = getaudiodata(recObj);
You will get access the microphone request.
Thanks @Knut, It worked.

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