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Assining fixed color for zero value

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Sarem.N on 29 Oct 2019
Commented: Sarem.N on 29 Oct 2019
i have a 2D matrix A(i,j). each value in this matrix can be the integers between 1:n for examle. some cells are equal to zero and i need an image plot of A but with black color for zero values. is it possible in matlab?

Accepted Answer

Adam on 29 Oct 2019
Edited: Adam on 29 Oct 2019
Define a colourmap of size n, assuming n is not huge, and then add black to the front of it
n = 7;
colourmap = [0 0 0; parula( n )];
Then, e.g.
myData = randi(n, 20 ) - 1;
figure; imagesc( myData );
colormap( colourmap )
caxis( [-0.5 n + 0.5] )

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