How to concatenate 2 cell arrays containing strings?

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I have something like this
x = arrayfun(@(i) sprintf("%s%i", 'xx', i), (0:6)');
which generates a 7x1 string array and behaves the way I want.
But I want to apply this to a variety of prefix strings as in.
s = ["xx"; "yy"];
x = arrayfun(@(s) arrayfun(@(i) sprintf("%s%i", 'LA', i), (0:6)'), s);
But this raises an error and changing it to
x = arrayfun(@(s) arrayfun(@(i) sprintf("%s%i", 'LA', i), (0:6)'), s, 'UniformOutput', false);
runs, but now generates a 2x1 cell array, each cell containing a 7x1 string array.
What I really want is a 14x1 string array. cell2mat does not work for this.
I realise I can get this done with a loop, but I prefer to code (and think) declaratively. Can this be done without a loop?

Accepted Answer

Adam on 24 Oct 2019
vertcat( x{:} )

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