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Filter Wavelet min/max frequencies

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Dear Community,
I am analysing sound where the interesting things are in the ultraosund spectrum. I wanted to use wavelets to get some insights into the data.
However, 2/3 of the wavelet picture is focused on the uninteresting part (<10kHz), whereas the utrasound area gets a fraction of the attention.
Is there any chance I can specify, that the "music" is playing in certain frequency ranges? (e.g. above 40kHz or so)?
I use
to quickly display the wavelet.
Your answers are much appreciated!

Accepted Answer

Roshni Garnayak
Roshni Garnayak on 4 Nov 2019
You can use the Name-Value pair argument ‘FrequencyLimits’ to specify the range of frequencies you want to display. The value is specified as a two-element vector with positive strictly increasing entries.
You can use the following line of code where ‘minFreq’ and ‘maxFreq’ specifies the lower and upper limits of the frequency range:
cwt (x, fs, FrequencyLimits, [minFreq maxFreq]);
Please refer to the following link for more details on the usage of ‘FrequencyLimits:
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Master1001 on 6 Nov 2019
Thanks a ton for the answer, makes life much easier ;)

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