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How to integrate two images

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S DIVYA MEENA on 12 Oct 2019
Commented: S DIVYA MEENA on 16 Oct 2019
I have two images. The first one is original RGB image and the second one is the Chromaticity image of original image. I want to know how to re-integrate the Chromaticity image onto the original image, so that the original image becomes shadow free.
The objective is to remove shadow from the aerial images. So far, I have an obtained the Chromaticity image (without shadow). How should i proceed to produce shadow-free iamge.
I = im2double(imread('C:\Users\DIVYA MEENA\Desktop\ele2.jpg'));
L1 = chromaticity(I); %find image chromaticity
subplot(121); imagesc(I); title('Original image');
subplot(122); imagesc(L1);
title('Chromaticity image');
function [rgb] = chromaticity(RGB)
R = RGB(:,:,1); % extract the red channel
G = RGB(:,:,2); % extract the green channel
B = RGB(:,:,3); % extract the blue channel
V = R+G+B; % calculate summation of the 3 channels
r = R./V; % calculate the red channel chromaticity
g = G./V; % calculate the green channel chromaticity
b = B./V; % calculate the blue channel chromaticity
rgb = cat(3,r,g,b); %calculate the overall chromaticity


KALYAN ACHARJYA on 12 Oct 2019
I have read about adapthisteq(I) to enhance the sharpness for gray images to remove shadow. Can you share related reference which you have been followed?
Please wait for @Walter's or @Image Analyst's comments / Answer?
S DIVYA MEENA on 13 Oct 2019
Thanks for the advice. However, i dint get expected rresults with adapthisteq(I). i have attached the reference paper that im following. kindly have a look.

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Rajani Mishra
Rajani Mishra on 16 Oct 2019

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S DIVYA MEENA on 16 Oct 2019
Thanks a lot for the links. I did try those. But it din't solve my problem, as my images are taken from aerial. Even after preprocessing, those techniques were not able to remove shadow.

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