Deploy ROS simulink model on Nvidia Jetson TX2 board

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Pavan Dayala
Pavan Dayala on 30 Sep 2019
I need to deploy Simulik model containing ROS blocks on Nvidia Jetson TX2 of Linux OS. The architecture of TX2 board is Aarch64 and i got to know that Aarch is a ARM 64 bit Architecture, but the problem is Aarch64 is not listed in model configuration parameters. I tried ARM 64 bit(LLP64) given in config.parameters, but it didn't worked.
Please help me.

Answers (2)

Ramakrishna Mandalapu
Ramakrishna Mandalapu on 19 Jul 2021
Hi Pavan,
ROS toobbox supports NVIDIA Jetson series boards for remote deployment from future release R2021b onwards. Along with the ROS interfaces you can use the NVIDIA Support package blocks for deployment. As you said the target platform and architecture need to be specified in the config set.

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