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Is there alternatives for coder.extrinsic call?

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I would like to solve a simple 2 variable equation in Simulink and found this method, but it seems to be unprofessional and slows down simulation (maybe) because of the iterative call for the function.
Is there any other method to solve symbolic functions in Simulink Matlab Function module?
function RefPoint = SymsFcn(P, CTPosition, RefLineNormVector, ErrLineNormVector)
syms x y;
f1 = RefLineNormVector(1)*x + RefLineNormVector(2)*y ...
== RefLineNormVector(1)*P(1) + RefLineNormVector(2)*P(2);
f2 = ErrLineNormVector(1)*x + ErrLineNormVector(2)*y ...
== ErrLineNormVector(1)*CTPosition(1) + ErrLineNormVector(2)*CTPosition(2);
RefPoint = solve([f1 f2], [x y]);
function [LateralError,OrientationError] = ErrorCalculation(XPosition, YPosition, Orientation, ID, TestPath)
RefLine = [(TestPath(ID+1,1) - TestPath(ID,1)), (TestPath(ID+1,2) - TestPath(ID,2))];
RefOrient = CalcDeg(RefLine(1), RefLine(2), 'deg');
OrientationError = Orientation - RefOrient;
RefLineNormVector = Transform(RefLine', [0 0], 90); %90 degrees CCW rotation
ErrLineNormVector = Transform(RefLine', [0 0], 180); %180 degrees CCW rotation
ErrorRefPoint = double(SymsFcn(TestPath(ID,:), [XPosition, YPosition], RefLineNormVector, ErrLineNormVector));
LateralError = sqrt((XPosition - ErrorRefPoint(1))^2 + (YPosition - ErrorRefPoint(2))^2);
Thanks for your help in advance.
Gergely Hunyady

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Gergely Hunyady
Gergely Hunyady on 30 Sep 2019

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