OPC UA - Connect MATLAB as Client to an OPC UA Server

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I want to connect MATLAB as Client to an OPC UA Server . The OPC UA Server is hosted by the software FillControl by PRIAMUS.
I can connect the Server with the UaExpert Client from Unified Automation and read my measurement data from the nodes.
So far it works.
But now I want to use MATLAB as Client and read the measured data from FillControll Software directly via OPC UA into MATLAB.
How can i configure the server acces data in MATLAB?
  • Endpoint URL(s): opc.tcp://192.168.xx.xxx:xxxx/PRIAMUS
  • User: ******
  • Password: ********
Is it possible to make the connection in MATLAB or do I need an Local Discovery Service (LDS)?
Reyhane Mokhtarname
Reyhane Mokhtarname on 24 Sep 2020
Dear Suria
I have the same problem, did you find any solution for that?

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Answers (1)

Timo Schmid
Timo Schmid on 6 Oct 2019
I do have the exact same problem.
Please let me know as soon as you found a solution.





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