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App Designer : Adding elements to listbox

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Rohit Deshmukh
Rohit Deshmukh on 25 Sep 2019
Answered: Roshni Garnayak on 8 Nov 2019
I am using app designer.
I am trying to add new elements in listbox by selecting checkboxes.
Please suggest a code for the same.
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Ankit on 25 Sep 2019
could you please post where actually you are facing problem?
Just check this GUI example: How can I add to the string in a popup or listbox? from FEX

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Answers (1)

Roshni Garnayak
Roshni Garnayak on 8 Nov 2019
‘Items’ property of listbox can be used to add elements into the list box. You could use the ‘ValueChangedFcn’ of checkbox to populate the listbox when the checkbox is checked.
Referring to the following links might be useful:

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