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How to model organelle distribution?

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Rebecca Jones
Rebecca Jones on 24 Sep 2019
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Hello, and thank you for looking at my question!
I would like to build a model that allows me to predict the location and distribution of lysosomes within a mammalian cell over time. Lysosomes typically cluster around the nucelus but can be encouraged to the cell periphery under different conditions (eg, pH, certain drugs). How can I go about building a model that would allow me to alter different conditions and see how it alters the distribution of lysosomes?
I realise this is a big question and would be grateful of any help at all!
Star Strider
Star Strider on 25 Sep 2019
Do you already have data on the lysosome distributions, specifically with respect to pH (since that’s likely the easiest to work with)?

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rough93 on 24 Sep 2019
I imagine the easiest way to achieve this would be a simple xy graph to plot your points (assuming a 2D space). To have the output affected by the inputs, you'll need to give us some more info or formaulte yourself what the equations or formaula would be to affect change (ie. what inputs creat what changes in the cell?).
Once you have your equations, you can then make a few statements in your code to take all conditions into account before giving your outputs x,y.

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