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License hostID does not match license id

Asked by William Lamond on 16 Sep 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Nicolas Broch on 17 Sep 2019
License: 4Xxxxxxxx
After I changed the hard drive on my computer I can not run Matlab as it fails with -8 error.
The vol ID on computer is 80AF-1F68 but the license file shows 80AF1F68 ie the - is missing. When I try to edit the host ID in the Manually Activate Software on a Computer section it reverts to 80AF1F68
W J Lamond


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Answer by Nicolas Broch on 16 Sep 2019
 Accepted Answer

Hi Wiliam,
the license is connected to your harddrive. So if you copy the content of your harddrive on a new one, you have to deactivate the MATLAB license and reactivate it.
Follow that manual to deactivate MATLAB: Deactivate an Installation
and that one to reactivate it: Activate the Installation
If you have any trouble about that manipulation, you can contact the support (Contact Support)


Hi Nicolas,
Thanks for your prompt reply to my question. I did try to deactivate the installation and reactivate it. Hoever, I will try it again more carefully this time. It will be sometme before I have time to do it but I will report when I do it.
Hi Nicolas,
I have been able to reinstall Matlab OK this time, I'm not sure what I did differently but it is now working again. Thanks
Good news! Have fun with MATLAB!

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