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Hatch Pattern inside a circumference

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AlphaReign on 10 Sep 2019
Commented: AlphaReign on 11 Sep 2019
Hi all:
I've been searching how to fill a circle created by the viscircles function with a hatched pattern like '\' but all the functions posted on mathworks have resulted unsuccessful or with errors that I can't (or don't know how) to fix. Is there any easy way? The code I used to create such circle:
viscircles([0 0],2,'color',[0 0 0]);
Thank you.


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Accepted Answer

darova on 11 Sep 2019
Try this
% generate points on the circel with equal spaces
y = linspace(-1,1,20);
x = sqrt(1-y.^2);
a = 20; % angle of lines
% rotation matrix
R = [cosd(a) -sind(a); sind(a) cosd(a)];
X = [-x; x]; % add another side of X
Y = [ y; y];
V = R*[X(:) Y(:)]'; % rotate
X = reshape(V(1,:),2,[]);
Y = reshape(V(2,:),2,[]);
plot(X,Y,'k') % Hatch pattern
hold on
viscircles([0 0],1);
hold off

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AlphaReign on 11 Sep 2019
Worked out wonderfully, thanks!

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