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Plotting infinite series with set of parameters

Asked by Moslem Uddin on 8 Sep 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Moslem Uddin on 10 Sep 2019
I want to plot the following functions,
Here, and given by
is a set of values of values given by,
I have approximated a set of values for . I have tried the following code, but failed to generate expected plot. Is that due to approximation, or there is any other error in my code?
clear all
syms Y
k = 0.1;
for i=1:length(j)
f1 = (sin(j(i))+ k*j(i)*cos(j(i)))*cos(j(i)*Y) - (cos(j(i)) - k*j(i)*sin(j(i)))*sin(j(i)*Y);
f2=((((j(i).^4)/16)+1)*((k*(k + 1)*sin(j(i))) - (1 + 2*k - k^.2*j(i).^2)*((cos(j(i)))/(2*j(i)))));
fplot(U);xlim([0 1]);%hold on;


Maybe it's a bit complicated for symbolic function fplot()?
Did you try to plot numerically?
What about . Where is τ? Is it 2D plot (surface)?
I have considered $\tau=1$
It’s not a surface plot.

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1 Answer

Answer by darova
on 8 Sep 2019
 Accepted Answer

Looks like simple sin() or cos():
export_fig_out.png export_fig_out1.png
What do you think?
Try my script, i think i reached a success


Do you have a source formula? Hard to see it in the script
Try to write clearer script. Hard to understand it if everything is written in one line
You forgot the dot
Also declaring y two times

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