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Simscape Custom Models and Components

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I have been reading/watching content on how to model batteries via YouTube and MathWorks. However, what remains unclear to me is how to create the needed files. I am running MatLab 2019a/Simulink/SimScape/SimScape Electronics. I downloaded the models produced by Dr. Gazzari to examine the overall structure. When I create a model, I am failing to find any kind of indication on how/where to create the script file in which I can delcare the salient characteristics of the components I wish to create.
Once I do accomplish this, I will then be able to link it to my file.m in which I have created some lookup tables.

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Roshni Garnayak
Roshni Garnayak on 9 Sep 2019
There is no functionality to directly create a ssc-file. So you should use the "Save as" function in MATLAB and change the file extension to “.ssc” in order to save an ssc-file.
Another possibility is to create a copy of an existing ssc-file and change the content of it, so you can easily customize an existing component.
If you need more information about Simscape Language, then please check the following documentation: 
What Is the Simscape Language?
Simscape File Types and Structure
Creating Custom Components
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Clayton Allen
Clayton Allen on 15 Sep 2019
I am trying to accept this answer. Sadly an error keep occuring and thus continuously asks me to refresh the page. It does not work. Thank you for your help.

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