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How to split merged signals

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Anna Tröbs
Anna Tröbs on 6 Sep 2019
Answered: Yonghui Chen on 16 Dec 2021
I am trying to both merge two signals and display them in a scope as displayed below.
This results in the following error:
Branched signals cannot be fed into a Merge block. The signal from 'DummyFile2/Alarm_F(D)3/alarm_state' output port 2 is connected to both Merge block 'DummyFile2/Merge' input port 1 and to 'DummyFile2/Scope1' input port 1. To fix this error, you can insert a Signal Conversion block in Signal Copy mode and feed the output of the Signal Conversion block to only the Merge block.
So I tried to implement the recommended solution:
Which again resulted in an error:
Invalid connection from block 'DummyFile2/Signal Conversion' output port 1 to Merge block 'DummyFile2/Merge' input port 1. An input signal to a Merge block must be connected and must originate from a conditionally executed subsystem that is not an Iterator subsystem
Can you tell me what the problem is / how to work around or solve it? I'd be grateful for help.
Thanks a lot!

Answers (2)

Nicolas B.
Nicolas B. on 6 Sep 2019
Hello Anna,
I am not very familiar with the merge block, but apparently, you cannot put a scope on the signals you are gonna merge. So try to disconnect your signals from the scope and try it again.

Yonghui Chen
Yonghui Chen on 16 Dec 2021
hello Anna,
I have the same problem, do you have solved it? thanks!





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