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How to split merged signals

Asked by Anna Tröbs on 6 Sep 2019
Latest activity Answered by Nicolas B.
on 6 Sep 2019
I am trying to both merge two signals and display them in a scope as displayed below.
This results in the following error:
Branched signals cannot be fed into a Merge block. The signal from 'DummyFile2/Alarm_F(D)3/alarm_state' output port 2 is connected to both Merge block 'DummyFile2/Merge' input port 1 and to 'DummyFile2/Scope1' input port 1. To fix this error, you can insert a Signal Conversion block in Signal Copy mode and feed the output of the Signal Conversion block to only the Merge block.
So I tried to implement the recommended solution:
Which again resulted in an error:
Invalid connection from block 'DummyFile2/Signal Conversion' output port 1 to Merge block 'DummyFile2/Merge' input port 1. An input signal to a Merge block must be connected and must originate from a conditionally executed subsystem that is not an Iterator subsystem
Can you tell me what the problem is / how to work around or solve it? I'd be grateful for help.
Thanks a lot!


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1 Answer

Answer by Nicolas B.
on 6 Sep 2019

Hello Anna,
I am not very familiar with the merge block, but apparently, you cannot put a scope on the signals you are gonna merge. So try to disconnect your signals from the scope and try it again.


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