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open large csv file

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asad ali
asad ali on 29 Aug 2019
Commented: Nicolas B. on 29 Aug 2019
i have a csv file with 93 coloums and 150000 rows
number of coloums may change to 90 in some tests and all entries are text / string
i need a single code to calculate the no of rows and couloums dynamically by reading the csv file and then get the 93/90 variable data in seprate variables
i have been using uiimport in my GUI but when i compiled the code into an application (.exe) using matlab application compiler uiimport function gives following error
"Error using uiimport>showLargeFileWindow (line 1126)
Java exception occurred:
at com.mathworks.mlwidgets.importtool.TextImportClient.showWaitProgressWindow("
Now i am using
>> data = textscan(fid,'%s','HeaderLines',0,'Delimiter',',','CollectOutput',1);
now i am getting all the data in i single variable data Untitled.jpg
can any body help me for opening this csv file in standalone application with each variable having its values stored
First row are the variable names


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Answers (1)

Nicolas B.
Nicolas B. on 29 Aug 2019
Hi Asad,
have you considered using readcell or readtable depending of what you need for data type? You can configure it to define the delimiters. For example:
T = readtable(filename, 'Delimiter',';');


asad ali
asad ali on 29 Aug 2019
i am receiving this error while using readtable
Tbl = readtable('1.csv', 'delimiter', ';', 'headerlines', 0, 'readvariablenames', true);
Error using table/readTextFile (line 237)
Cannot interpret data in the file '1.csv'. Found 92 variable names but 93 data columns. You
may need to specify a different format string, delimiter, or number of header lines.
Error in table.readFromFile (line 33)
t = table.readTextFile(filename,otherArgs);
Error in readtable (line 118)
t = table.readFromFile(filename,varargin);
Nicolas B.
Nicolas B. on 29 Aug 2019
I would say that you have 1 header missing. Try to open your csv-file in libreoffice or excel and check whether there are headers to each column. If you cannot correct that, read the file without headers.

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