Regeneration of signal using different Intrinsic Mode Function Components.

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Sumair Hassan
Sumair Hassan on 15 Aug 2019
Answered: Roshni Garnayak on 19 Aug 2019
I am facing difficulty in how to recreate the original signal again by using 3,4 or 5 or more Intrinsic Mode Fucntion components ? Please guide me.

Answers (1)

Roshni Garnayak
Roshni Garnayak on 19 Aug 2019
The original signal is the sum of Intrinsic Mode Functions (IMFs) and the last residue ():
To obtain accurate results, the key is to add the residue term to the IMFs. Use the “emd function to store the IMFs and residue from the original signal in variables which can later be used to reconstruct the signal.
For further details refer to the following link:

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