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Throughput measurement for Simulink model

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Vijiyalakshmi Ganesan
Vijiyalakshmi Ganesan on 12 Aug 2019
Am working on component level design and development of matlab model for powertrain and steering systems. Usually throughtput is measured at integrated software at system level. But I need to find throughput at component level at matlab design phase itself . so that I could identify how much load my design is going to produce in terms of %. I could see some examples in 2019b matlab, but is there any settings/ options available in 2013b or 2017b to directly measure the throughput of the design ?


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Divya Yerraguntla
Divya Yerraguntla on 28 Aug 2019

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Vijiyalakshmi Ganesan
Vijiyalakshmi Ganesan on 29 Aug 2019
Hi, Divya Yerraguntla,
Thanks for sharing the link. I looked into it and it is useful !!

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