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How can I set the "Prompt location" property of a Simulink.MaskParameter programmatically.

The "promp location" of a mask parameter is available through the mask editor window, but the property is not available in the Simulink.MaskParameter class. How can it be set programmatically?


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Answer by Sahithi Kanumarlapudi on 13 Aug 2019
 Accepted Answer

Mask parameter “Prompt Location” can be set programatically using the command ‘p.DialogControl.PromptLocation
Where p is a mask parameter.
Below is an example code
import Simulink.*;
% give the path of the masked block to the get function
a = Simulink.Mask.get('filename/BlockName);
p = a.Parameters(1);
p has following properties
Type: 'edit'
TypeOptions: {0×1 cell}
Name: 'Parameter2'
Prompt: ''
Value: '0'
Evaluate: 'on'
Tunable: 'on'
NeverSave: 'off'
Hidden: 'off'
ReadOnly: 'off'
Enabled: 'on'
Visible: 'on'
ShowTooltip: 'on'
Callback: ''
Alias: ''
DialogControl: [1×1 Simulink.dialog.parameter.Edit]
ConstraintName: ''
p.DialogControl has properties as follows
Name: 'Parameter2'
PromptLocation: 'left'
Row: 'new'
HorizontalStretch: 'on'
Tooltip: ''


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The above answer was provided using MATLAB 2019a.
Seems that such parameter is not available in MATLAB 2017b.

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