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Returning from functions in debugging mode

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Does anyone know how to force an early return to the caller from a function while in debug mode?
I have a main program calling "plug-in" m-scripts, and while developing these m-script you sometimes (quite often actually) come across bugs in the script, which forces you to quit the main program with all its previous calculations and all.
I would like to find a way of entering "return" in the command prompt to return to the main program and escape the function. Then I can update the script and clear the function from the memory and call it again without quiting the main program, which would be a great help.
Anyone experienced similar problem?


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Sahithi Kanumarlapudi
Sahithi Kanumarlapudi on 14 Aug 2019
You cannot force return from a function using MATLAB. But if your script files have an error you can use ‘try-catch’ blocks where you can place a ‘return’ statement in the catch block

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Jonas Rosegren
Jonas Rosegren on 17 Aug 2019
Yes thanks, I did that, plus purge the function out of the memory so I can edit it before I call it next time, so that works well now. Still it would be "nice to have" a possibility to just force a return to the caller. Maybe it isn't possible,

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