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How to work the Mean function

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Hi Everone,
I have a question in relation to the .
I fed into the MAtlab 2019a a simple instruction, i.e., mean of two variables (example underneath) and it would not solve it anyway
If I use it in a translated mathematical formula like underneath:
then it works flwalwssly and very fine proceed with calculation.
Please let me know what could go wrong with it.
Many thanks in advance.


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Accepted Answer

Adam on 8 Aug 2019
doc mean
shows you the syntax of the mean function. It expects an array, not multiple arguments. Generally you take the mean of more than 2 inputs so having them as individual arguments would not be sensible.
mean( [ abs(i_min_1(1,1)),i_max_1(1,1) ] );
should work.

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Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick on 8 Aug 2019
Andras Gergely's incorrectly accepted "Answer" moved here:
Thanks Adam.
I followed a different synthax to solve my issue but this is one also works.
By now it is clear.
Many thanks for that.

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Andras Gergely
Andras Gergely on 8 Aug 2019
Thanks MAdhan RAvi!
Best wishes. :)


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