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How can I read the MMIntensities from CEL files using celintensityread()?

I read in several CEL-files and the corresponding CDF file using celintensityread:
CEL_files_wCDF = celintensityread(CEL_files, path_CDF_file, 'CELPath', path_CEL_files);
When I'm looking at my "CEL_files_wCDF" variable, I can only find the PMIntensities, but not the MMIntensities. The CDF file should contain their position as I checked for it by using the following commands:
cdfStruct = affyread(CDF_file_name, path_CDF_file);
How can I retrieve the information about the MMIntensities using celintensityread()?
Thanks a lot in advance for any help.
You can find the CEL-files here:
The CDF-file can be found here:


Dear Fabienne,
Can you attach (a couple of) the CEL file(s) you are trying to open, so one can try out whatever it is that you are trying to do?
Thanks in advance.
Dear Luuk,
Unfortunately, the CEL-files are too big to attach them to my question (even after compression). But I added a link to the CEL-files and also the CDF-file to my original question. I hope this helps.

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Answer by Chidvi Modala on 13 Aug 2019
 Accepted Answer

ProbeStructure = celintensityread(..., 'PMOnly', PMOnlyValue, ...) includes or excludes the mismatch (MM) probe intensity values. When PMOnlyValue is true, celintensityread returns only perfect match (PM) probe intensities. When PMOnlyValue is false, celintensityread returns both PM and MM probe intensities. Default is true.

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Thank you so much, I totally overlooked this input argument.

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