H bridge inverter output not as expected.

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I recently created a model of an H-bridge unipolar inverter and the output of the inverter is not what I expected it to be. I have attached the file of the model and an image of the output that I am getting. The linear load that I am applying to the inverter distorts the output not as I expected. The lab results that I have for a similar project do not look like this output at all. I have tried varying the inductor and capasitor models and the time step and still receive the same results. Any help would really be appreciatted.

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Shashwat Bajpai
Shashwat Bajpai on 5 Aug 2019
I understand that you are trying to produce an amplitude modulated signal using H-bridge-inverter.
The connections in your model run the IGBT/Diode and IGBT/Diode3 in one cycle which creates a short circuit. If the expected output is an AM signal, try changing the connections from the NOT gate. This can be done by interchanging the connections of either of the pairs of IGBT/Diodes.
Hope this helps!
Timothy TenCate
Timothy TenCate on 5 Aug 2019
I think it is working. I attached a new version that I switched the NOT gates around for each pair of IGBTs like you said and I think it is working. Thank you so much for your help!!

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