How to declare variables in a function

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I am curious as to why the variables 'user' and 'pass' are not recognized by Matlab in the following snippet. When the user launches the function, Matlab throws a undefined function or variable 'pben' where pben is the input from the user.
function update_table(user, pass)
% Info
username = user;
password = pass;
datasource = 'SGDOP';
% Connection and SQL query
conn = database(datasource, username, password);
sqlquery = ['SELECT * from table x'];
data = fetch(conn, sqlquery);
save('data.mat', 'data')
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 1 Aug 2019
My bet is that when you call update_tabel(pben, aaaa), pben is not defined.

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Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 1 Aug 2019
My guess is that you're trying to call this function like:
update_table(pben, somePassword)
That attempts to pass the contents of the variable named pben or the result of calling a function named pben with 0 input arguments and 1 output argument into update_table. If you want to pass the literal text pben into the function, you need to specify it as a char vector or as a string.
update_table('pben', somePassword)
update_table("pben", somePassword)
If your password is not stored in a variable named somePassword but is the literal text somePassword, you need to pass that in as text as well.
update_table('pben', 'somePassword')
update_table("pben", "somePassword")
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Blue on 1 Aug 2019
Ah. That was embarrasingly simple. Thank you.

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