dielectric resonator antenna fed by slot

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Xiaohang Li
Xiaohang Li on 31 Jul 2019
Commented: Da Huang on 24 Sep 2019
I want to design a dielectric resonator antenna fed by slot. In order to achieve so, I add a reflector with reflector ground plane width and length equal 0, slot antenna as excitor, and a thick substrate. In this case, it looks like a dielectric resonator antenna upside down as shown in the attached figure. But when I want to analyse the S parameter, impedance and radiation pattern, no thing been analysed. I am wondering is it correct to design a slot fed dielectric resonator antenna in this way?
The following are the code I am using:matlab slot DRA.jpg
t = dielectric('name','GaAs','EpsilonR',12.94,'Thickness',0.1);
Antenna = slot('Length',0.1,'Width',0.01,'GroundPlaneLength',0.3,'GroundPlaneWidth',0.3);
rf = design(reflector,1.25e9);
rf = reflector('Exciter',Antenna,'Spacing',0.1,'Substrate',t);
rf.GroundPlaneLength = 0;
rf.GroundPlaneWidth = 0;
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Da Huang
Da Huang on 24 Sep 2019
In antenna toolbox, we require the substrate dimension shall be larger than the top radiator. Your design currently is not supported in antenna toolbox.
Also, it is rare to see dielectric substrate smaller than the top radiator, especially for slot fed patch.

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Shashwat Bajpai
Shashwat Bajpai on 6 Aug 2019
I would suggest using the Antenna Designer app to make changes in the geometry of elements and visualize them without writing scripts for every change.
In the present case you can try making the dimensions of the substrate equal to the dimensions of the ground plane of the slot.
Hope this helps!
For help on how to use Antenna Designer refer the following link:

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