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i keep getting error about access is denied while installing

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Esther Wong
Esther Wong on 31 Jul 2019
Answered: Navya Seelam on 6 Aug 2019
the error message i got is
The following error was detected while installing hwmanager/hwmanagerapp_common:
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2019a\toolbox\shared\hwmanager\hwmanagerapp\web\DeviceList\release\dijit\themes\claro\images\activeGradient.svg (Access is denied)
Would you like to retry installing hwmanager/hwmanagerapp_common?
If you press No, the installer will exit without completing the installation.
More information can be found at C:\Users\ADMINI~1.TNB\AppData\Local\Temp\mathworks_Administrator.log
Please help.


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