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Mauro De Francesco
Mauro De Francesco on 30 Jul 2019
Commented: Wu Yu-Wei on 19 Apr 2021
I am trying to save a figure I have to the workspace. The current workflow involves using the print function and then reopen it using imread. Is there a way to jump over the print + imread functions and just save the image to a variable in the workspace? I need to save it with a certain resolution (1024x1024 pixels)

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Roshni Garnayak
Roshni Garnayak on 2 Aug 2019
You can use the following lines of code to save the figure to workspace and set the desired resolution:
f= frame2im(getframe(gcf));
For more information on the ‘gcf’ function, refer the following link:
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Wu  Yu-Wei
Wu Yu-Wei on 19 Apr 2021
How do you view or open this saved figure?

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