how can i get my code to produce FFT graph.

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morris konadu
morris konadu on 29 Jul 2019
Answered: Vimal Rathod on 1 Aug 2019
This is my code below but doesnt work
L = length(signal);
Y = fft(signal);
Y1 = abs(Y);
% onlys show one sided FFT so multiply by 2, divide by Fs to scale.
Py = (2*Y1(1:L/2) / Fs);
% create frequency vector to plot against
freq = Fs/L*(0:L/2-1);
% plot the figure
title('Amplitude Spectral Density');
xlabel('Frequency Hz');
grid on;
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dpb on 29 Jul 2019
Please edit code to remove superfluous linefeeds and then select and use the "Code" button to format it...

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Vimal Rathod
Vimal Rathod on 1 Aug 2019
The code which you have given works perfectly fine, I suspect that you are not passing an appropriate signal to the fft function.
For more information refer to the link:


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