How to get an y-value (y1(x)) for the sub condition of 0.8y1=0.25x

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Hi there,
i need some help. I have two collum vectors y=force and x=settlement. Now i had to write a scribt which gives me the first y-value (y1(x)) where the subcondition: 0.8*y1=0.25x is true. I am not so familar whith loops and so I would need some help.
Thank you!
Alexander Busch
Alexander Busch on 30 Jul 2019
now it is this problem:
>> x=zeros(length(weg_fit_mm),1);
Error: Invalid expression. Check for missing or extra characters.

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Accepted Answer

Vimal Rathod
Vimal Rathod on 2 Aug 2019
In the code from the above comments, there is a problem with defining the for loop condition as the error was shown.
The 'i' variable should be defined in the same line as the for. And the value should not have a semicolon(;) at the end.
Here is a sample in the code which you could try.
for i=1:kraft_fit_kN(end)
You could refer to the following documentation for further details;

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