Image processing removal of noise spikes

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Grant Dennany
Grant Dennany on 18 Jul 2019
Answered: ali alireza on 19 Jul 2019
I have many different images obtained from radar observations that all have the same type of noise spikes that need removed and filled in with reasonable data. I have tried to remove the noise using laplace operator and then fill in the noise using inpainting and inward interpolation methods. This works okay but the filled in data is very blurry and I want it to be better. I would really appreciate any other methods to try to remove or fill in the removed data better. I specified in one image the noise that needs removed. Notice most of them have the same struture. The important data that needs kept is the "milky" looking data behing the nose. Thank you
KALYAN ACHARJYA on 18 Jul 2019
Have you tried with frequency domain filters?
Grant Dennany
Grant Dennany on 19 Jul 2019
I have not. I am succesful at removing the noise, but once I try to fill in the holes there it becomes very blurry. I will try a frequency domain filter before removing the noise to see if that makes it any better. Thank you for your help.

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ali alireza
ali alireza on 19 Jul 2019
This problem has also happened to me. I read the mathworks site but i can not understand anything about that. also i check this content in other site: image processing
but this site was not solve my problem too.

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