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What is the command behind "Open Project in Code Composer Studio"

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Hello everyone!
I am about to do some automation in my code generation, and I also would like to inculde the auto generated CCS project to this.
Does anyone happen to know, what is the command behind "Open Project in Code Composer Studio", which is shown in the Diagnostic viewer?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Jul 2019
If you hover your cursor over it, then possibly it will show the link, probably in the form of a URI that starts with "matlab:"
Gergely Szabó
Gergely Szabó on 15 Jul 2019
Hello Walter!
Thank for the tip. That was my first guess too, but it doesn't work, since this command appears in the Diagnostic Viewer.

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Accepted Answer

Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur on 12 Sep 2019
Hi Gergely,
The command that creates the link in diagnostic viewer is:
>>'TIC2000:codegen:OpenCCSProject','ccspath','proj folder'))
We launch the CCS that will import the rtw project by the following command:
Notice the 2 parameters, first is the full path to CCS install, second is the path to the rtw CCS project folder.
You can get the path to CCS install which is provided during support package setup by the following commands:
toolRootDir = codertarget.tic2000.setup.internal.getToolchainScriptingFolder(getActiveConfigSet(bdroot))
//bdroot is model name
CCS_InstallDir = fullfile(toolRootDir,'..','..')
We can rewrite the command to Open CCS now as:
Venkatesh C

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