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How do I limit the rotation of a revolute joint in Simscape Multibody? Setting the internal limits is not working

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Alison Goldsmith
Alison Goldsmith on 3 Jul 2019
Answered: Divya Yerraguntla on 24 Jul 2019
I have several links attached to eachother by revolute joints. I apply a ramp input at the joint attached to the world frame, but I want to stop the joint when it gets to an angle 220 degrees from where it started. I specify the upper and lower limits in the revolute joint block, but when I run it, the joint is still moving past the upper limit. How do I get this to work? Or is it possible to use the rotational hard stop block? This block is green so it seems to be a part of Simscape driveline so I don't know how I would attach it to my physical multibody model. Thanks!


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