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Dependence of resistance on slip in an asynchronous motor.

Asked by Pawel Tatarczak on 3 Jul 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Pawel Tatarczak on 5 Aug 2019
How can I make the resistance and inductance depend on the slip in an asynchronous motor from the simscape electrical library?
I need these values ​​to be a slip function


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Answer by Divya Yerraguntla on 31 Jul 2019
Edited by Divya Yerraguntla on 1 Aug 2019

For asynchronous machines, at each steady-state operation, the rotor resistance depends on the slip, i.e., Rr'/s, where Rr' is the rotor resistance (referred onto the stator side) corresponding to the standstill condition; s is the slip. The asynchronous machine model can reflect the above behavior at each steady-state operation. So there is no need to have a tunable rotor resistance depending on the slip in the model block parameters. A user only needs to specify the rotor resistance (referred onto the stator side) corresponding to the standstill condition. As for the rotor leakage inductance Llr’, it does not depend on the slip.

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The problem is that I have to simulate the operation of the linear induction motor and I want to use this model. The real model of the linear motor is a linear arc motor with a rotating disc. The rotating disc consists of a steel core and a copper overlay. Depending on the slip, the depth of the magnetic flux penetration changes. Therefore, the parameters X2 and R2 of the secondary page change. This is the only difference compared to the rotating engine that I need to consider. I was trying to multiply this parameters by function s but i think this values are determinants of the matrix and program crashed.

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